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Corporate America's Dirty Little Secret Based on a True Story

New Indie Author Launches Free Book Promotion Corporate America’s Dirty Little Secret: An Arsenic Poisoning and Cover-Up that Ensued.


Independence, KY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/02/2014 -- Author J. Blair has recently launched a free book promotion. The intriguing new book delves into the issue of heavy metal toxicity and a workplace accident involving a welder. The young man in the story became deathly ill after getting sick from welding a machine designed to remove Arsenic out of water. The family suspected that his illness had something to do with his position as a welder. Determined to find some answers and a cure, the young man’s mother begins a tumultuous journey to figure out what is making her son so sick. Frustrated because no doctor would diagnose “heavy metals,” the family decided to do their own research for possible cures. The family went from doctor to doctor only to be told they were making everything up. They were accused of exhibiting drug-seeking behavior and the man was told he was mentally ill and unstable.

You may not think something like heavy metal poisoning could affect you, but the truth is that we may all be at risk. From toxins in our environment to heavy metals in the supplements and foods we eat, everyone is at risk when it comes right down to it. The company involved uses some of the most advanced production technologies in the world to make electronic grade silicone wafers but they did little to nothing to protect an innocent young man from a toxic plethora of chemicals he was exposed to. Although the names and location of the individuals and the company involved have been changed to protect the family’s identity, the book is based on a true story and one family’s battle to overcome Heavy Metal Toxicity. The story encapsulates one mother’s journey in the search for the truth. The man in the story had over 20 metals in his body at one point in time. All of those metals are found in welding rods. Mix welding rods and the pipes that that need to be welded and this doubles the exposure - add the welding gases and the welder, and it becomes a deadly combination. What happened to this young man should not have happened. There were many instances where he was not even minimally protected against exposure, but the company involved denied any responsibility. Western doctor’s told the family to seek out Eastern medicine, but they told him not to repeat this.

The book, written by J. Blair who has a master’s degree in psychology and Cynthia Morris, an RN, is a must read for anyone concerned about health and public safety. Written in a fictional style that is both intriguing and riveting, this book may very well change your life and it will definitely change the way you look at the environment and the foods you eat.

The free book promotion will be available on Saturday and Sunday Sept. 6th & 7th at

Don’t miss this riveting story that will change the way you think and feel about Corporate America and the Health Care Industry.

About Leslie Riopel
Leslie Riopel is a published author and Freelance Writer who holds a master's degree in psychology health and wellness. She is both a passionate and creative writer and in addition to teaching part-time at the University of Phoenix, she has also ghostwritten hundreds of articles and courses in personal development. Leslie is the author of 9 published titles thus far, including two fictional titles under her pen name J Blair - The Love Spell and Corporate America’s Dirty Little Secret. Her non-fiction titles include Overcome Relationship Repetition Syndrome, Change Anything By Overcoming Fear, Brain Change to Abundance, Coming Out of the Darkness, Stop Struggling and Start Living, How to Do Self-Hypnosis and The Agony and Ecstasy of Caregiving, in which she co-authored with her mother and family. Leslie's work is both creative and unique and she writes about those things that inspire her and those things that she is passionate about. Cynthia Morris, the co-author is a Registered Nurse who is also passionate about health and wellness.

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