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Corporate Profile Interviews My Size CEO Ronen Luzon About a Virtual Measurement App That Aims to Disrupt the Online Apparel Market


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/16/2018 -- Corporate Profile®, a multi-media news provider, and host Annamaria Stewart interviewed My Size, Inc. Founder and CEO Ronen Luzon about a virtual measurement app that aims to disrupt the online apparel market.

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We've seen some groundbreaking apps literally change the world in the past decade and there is one thing that all of these apps seem to have in common - they disrupt what we consider daily norms. They've changed the way we commute, how we eat, the way we pay, the way we travel, and now possibly the way we try on clothes. My Size's technology enables consumers to use their smartphones to virtually map their bodies to determine the correct size for clothing purchased online.

While online shopping has seen records sales, it has also seen record returns. These returns are costly, especially for online apparel retailers.. My Size has set out to change this.

My Size's body measurement technology, MySizeID™, enables its users to measure their body using their smartphones, allowing the application to determine the correct size for clothing purchased online. The application involves the use of a technological innovation that the Company believes will significantly reduce the margin of error experienced by consumers who purchase the wrong size online and thereby increase consumer confidence in online purchases on matters relating to size.

In the interview, Ronen addresses the $408 billion e-commerce market's need for technological improvement when it comes to consumer size matching. Currently, 40% of online clothing purchases are returned, as compared to 8.9% of in-store purchases. With the MySizeID app, Ronen hopes to disrupt the online apparel market by offering a solution that can significantly reduce returns for online purchases.

My Size recently unveiled its technology at the 2018 CES show in Las Vegas to an overwhelming reception. Ronen reveals the biggest retailers from the U.S. and Europe came to his Company's booth. These retailers tested the measurement app themselves and were pleased by how private the measurement process is for the consumer, who merely needs to use their mobile phone for body measurements.

Because MySizeID only uses mobile phone sensors to derive a measurement and does not use the phone's camera, there is no privacy issue. MySizeID offers more privacy than products like Apple's iPhone measurement app which uses the phone's camera as a measuring device.

Beyond solving the fit issue for clothing purchased online, My Size's measurement technology is being used in other vertical markets including the do-it-yourself (DIY) market and the courier market. Ronen talks about BoxSizeID's benefits and ease of use for measuring boxes shipped via couriers, as well as SizeUp for the DIY market, which has already been downloaded 700,000 times on platforms including iOS and Android.

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