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Corporate Wellness Helps Businesses in Australia Improve Employee Productivity


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2012 -- Lately, businesses in Australia have been spending more than ever to keep employees fit and healthy. This strategy is paying off, as employees are taking fewer sick days and reporting greater job satisfaction and more productivity.

These businesses are encouraging health and fitness in the workplace by giving their employees the resources to become healthier. Many businesses are turning to corporate health services companies, and a company called Corporate Wellness Australia is already popular among certain members of the Fortune 500. Corporate Wellness Australia is serving the wellness needs of satisfied customers like Coca-Cola, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Toshiba and Virgin Money.

Corporate Wellness Australia provides a full range of corporate health services, including fitness seminars and programs, seated massages, team-building activities, health checks and executive training.

The seated massage service has been attracting a lot of interest from employers who want to reduce stress in the workplace. There are several advantages to offering corporate massages at the workplace. “Organisations give their staff a seated massage to increase staff morale and motivation, keep staff relaxed, focused and ready to tackle the work day ahead, to increase the attention and memory span whilst at conferences, or as a gift to say thanks for a job well done,” explains Corporate Wellness Australia.

In addition to a variety of corporate services, Corporate Wellness also provides personal services, such as personal training, home massages, wedding programs and nutritional programs.

Both businesses and individuals can find more details about these services on the Corporate Wellness Australia website. The website also includes information and statistics on the benefits of wellness programs in the workplace as well as a BMI calculator for individuals to use. Plus, businesses can use the free online booking service, making it simple to organise a wellness event.

By visiting the Corporate Wellness website, both businesses and individuals will find the information that they need to improve their health and wellbeing at the workplace and at home.

About Corporate Wellness Australia
Corporate Wellness Australia is a corporate health services company with a team of over 80 trainers and health professionals Australia-wide. It is one of the only corporate health services that can offer A to Z solutions for businesses in Australia. Always striving for the best, Corporate Wellness won the “Hewitt Best Employers” award in 2005, and its clients include Fortune 500 companies.

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