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Corporatethief Beats - Greed I$ Good : Rap Instrumental Mixtape

This is the latest mixtape project from Irish Hip Hop Beat Maker The Corporatethief Beats. The Greed I$ Good Project consists of 7 trap / new school hip hop instrumentals , with screaming lead sounds and banging 808 kick sounds. If you wish to use these beats in your own projects please visit for lease right license. Continue the converstation on twitter @corporatethief #GreedisGoodday


Dublin, Ireland -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/05/2014 -- The Corporatethief Beats aka Daniel Hartnett is a young and up in coming music producer from Dublin Ireland. He is the owner of this beats selling website where he produces unique hip hop and rap beats for sale or lease.

His latest project is an instrumental mixtape called Greed I$ Good which consists of 7 hot trap / new school beats. The theme of the mixtape is inspired by the Wall Street movie. Basing similarities between his online avatar The Corporatethief Beats and Gordon Gekko.

The Corporatethief Beats has sold a lot of rap instrumentals online on various hip hop beats selling websites. His main youtube channel has reached over 650,000 video views and continues to grow today.

The Corporatethief Beats can provide high quality instrumentals that are unique with each track exclusively for that rap artist. The exclusive beats are provided at competitive online prices that can work with any artists budget. Also on offer are the cheaper non-exclusive lease beats. These beat licenses are offered to all hip hop artists to allow a more cost-effective solution who are just trying to make a name for themselves.

Growing up he had a passion for music and learned how to play the guitar and piano. During his teen age years he joined some local band and began to write acoustic songs on the guitar and played them to local open mic night in clubs in bars.

Some of his friends prompted him to invest in some music production soft ware to record his songs and place them online. There he came by music production soft like that of cubase and Fl studio and got hooked at making rap beats.

He then took some of his saving and enrolled in a music production course in Galway Technical Institute and graduated with al level 5 Fetac award in Music Technology and Live Sound Engineering. Its was here that he learned how to record and how to use logic Pro Studio more professionally.

From there it took him to Dublin and enrolled in a music production Diploma Course where he currently studying and learning how to use pro tools and how to work while in a studio and its best practices.

He continues to produce hip hop music online and has a passion for making rap beats using both logic and pro tools. Some of his influences include Kanye West , Danja , Just Blaze , Redone, 9th Wonder , Jay Dilla , Dr Luke and Max Martin .

The Corporatethief has sold many hip hop beats online on various websites and continues to create top quality rap beats with his own signature flavor. His youtube channel has grossed over 400,000 views and continues to grow.

The Corporatethief Beats proudly offers exclusive beats that allows professional artists to stand out from the crowd with unique track exclusively for that artist. Exclusive beats are offered at reasonable prices ad produce high quality, unique beats. In addition, cheaper non-exclusive beats are offered to all artists to allow a more cost-effective solution and allow artists to try and make the beat their own.

For more information or to get started looking at hip hop and rap tracks, please visit or email at