Corrupt Guardian Angels National Director Called to Resign

Guardian Angels National Director Miguel Fuentes is being asked for his resignation, following several reports of harassment, favoritism and corruption in the Chicago chapter.


Ney York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2014 -- The Guardian Angels, a safety patrol organization founded on the basis of peace and justice, once stood proud as a paragon of the citizen’s initiative to keep crime out. However, the proud wings the organization’s volunteers have worn for 35 years are no longer fit for flight in light of concentrated corruption.

Our sad tale takes place in Chicago, where the resident chapter has come forth to denounce its leader, Guardian Angels National Director Miguel “3rd Rail” Fuentes. Volunteers at Chicago are demanding that Fuentes steps down, while veterans and former members of the group are calling out to New York City’s founding chapter to step in and take charge in an investigation into Fuentes’ behavior as a leader, as well as strange and excessive funds the Chicago chapter has been receiving.

Back in New York City, 1979, Curtis Sliwa established the roots of an international organization that established safety and tried to bring peace and ease of mind to crime-filled streets – first in the Bronx and the subways, and eventually, all over the world. Having been the night manager of a local McDonalds, he was fed up with watching crime tear his city apart, so, in a fit of motivation, he recruited some of the workers at his branch.

Founded on the basis of justice and peace, Sliwa and his group, originally called the Magnificent 13, patrolled the streets of New York City, making citizens arrests and real changes throughout the community, inspiring people all over the world to stand up and proudly wear their wings to shield others.

Originally armed with nothing but their signature red berets and white-red uniforms, the Guardian Angels grew into an organization of several hundred, operating in over 130 chapters located in about 15 countries. Branching out from patrols and watches, members began taking the fight to the virtual front, taking initiatives to stop online stalking and catch sexual predators, while encouraging young members to join in as an alternative to gangs.

Yet amidst the educational programs, the self defense lessons, and the decades of genuine effort in making the streets a safer place for all generations, corruption in the form of an abuse of power, and an abusing of authority, has taken shape in Chicago. Several members have come forth, expressing their concerns and detailing the history of harassment and bullying experienced at the hands of Fuentes, as well as the unfair financial treatment the chapter receives in comparison to others.

Guardian Angels veteran Wilson Dealente, also known as Punisher, cited favoritism and poor leadership in the Chicago chapter. Due to Fuentes’ behavior, no one wants to join the chapter, stated Dealente. He further added that every member of the group does their part on a volunteer basis, and that they deserve equal treatment.

Due to the uncontrollable and sensitive nature of the issue at hand, other Guardian Angels have refused to name themselves in fear of backlash and the consequences brought about by telling the truth. They say that Founder Curtis Sliwa is responsible for the creation of the situation in Chicago by letting Fuentes run rampant, unable to control him – although no one knows why. Another chapter leader has called Fuentes a “disaster”, while members call for an investigation into the excessive funds that funnel into the Chicago chapter through the Guardian Angels Board of Directors in New York City.

The vitriol of the Chicago chapter’s current state is poisoning the well of the Guardian Angels, while distracting from other individual cases of corruption or ill behavior in the organization. Some members are standing up to counter the spread, in an attempt to restore the organization’s reputation and bring back its essence of safety and community, by dispelling and denouncing leaders like Fuentes.

The organization’s wings have been clipped – but they can be restored, by spreading the message and forcing Fuentes’ resignation, eventually calling for and prompting a revitalization of the entire organization to adapt and change into a modern beacon of crime-fighting, for the people, by the people.

About Guardian Angels
Guardian Angels is a non-profit crime-fighting organization based in New York City. Members have been patrolling neighborhoods and promoting acts of charity since 1979. Founded by Curtis Sliwa, its following has grown to include chapters in 15 countries and 144 cities all around the world.

The organization trains its members in first aid training and basic martial arts among other things, and while it was originally founded to perform citizen’s arrests on witnessed crimes, today, it also creates education programs and workshops for schools and businesses.

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