Cosh Living Appeals to Hospitality Industry

Cosh Living Appeals to Hospitality Industry It's Time to Get Summer Furniture in Place


Melbourne, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/03/2013 -- Now that summer is around the corner, Australian contemporary and modern furniture stylist Cosh Living is appealing to local consumers, especially hotel, café and restaurant owners, that now is the perfect time for them to start purchasing outdoor umbrellas, lounges and pool furniture, etc.

“Buying imported products can often be less expensive than buying Australian, and the quality and styles are often better too,” says the Cosh Living’s spokesperson, Heather Grant, Content Consultant of Search Marketing Group Australia.

Located in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, Cosh Living is known for using quality materials and workmanship, together with design and comfort, to create a new range of suitable furniture. Today, Cosh Living have announced additions to their already exclusive list of outdoor furniture, adding a new set of modern, indoor and outdoor furniture – all imported from European designers.

Described as an exclusive, premium furniture supplier for private and commercial buyers, Cosh Living caters primarily to the ever growing need of private medium to high-end residential clients, interior designers and architects, along with resorts, hotels, restaurants and the healthcare sector. Having earned the reputation as Australia’s leading supplier of European indoor and outdoor furniture and accessories from English designers, Cosh Living has come to see European fashion as being always ahead of Aussie fashion by a season or two.

When the consumer selects from the company’s exclusive range, argues Heather, they know for certain that no two households or businesses will have the same lounge, table or outdoor umbrella, etc. “We provide one of a kind furniture… we don’t like sameness and that’s why we cater to the person or business that wants to stand out for uniqueness and creativity in their furniture,” she adds. And due to the fact Australian import and export trade is better than ever right now, Heather notes that more people are choosing imported furnishings for their homes. “Imported furniture from parts of Asia doesn’t actually comply with Australian Standards, which can contain dangerous levels of lead and formaldehyde. European environmental standards are much higher,” she stresses.

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