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Cosmetic Dentist of Southampton Weighs in on New Healthy Teeth Study


Southampton, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/24/2014 -- A new oral health study claims that drinking strong coffee on a consistent basis could contribute to keeping teeth clean and healthy. The Federal University in Rio de Janeiro, who conducted the study, reveals research that shows coffee containing a lot of caffeine helped eliminate harmful plaque and bacteria. The study included the analysis of the impact of Robusta, a coffee bean grown in Vietnam and Brazil. The study found that the bean (used on baby teeth during the research process) helped eliminate a film of bacteria, which prevented the formation of plaque.

Dr. Brenner, a dentist in Southampton PA who serves patients in Bucks County at Brenner Dental Group, took notice of the study asking the question: “Could strong coffee be the solution to healthy teeth?” He believes the study is important because plaque is a major contributor to tooth decay and gum disease and any substance found to combat this issue is beneficial to the entire dental community. Dr. Brenner suggested that a reason why the bean might be able to fight decay is because it contains polyphenols, which aid the breakdown of bacteria.

Although the cosmetic dentist of Southampton finds the study fascinating, he points out that it is not advisable from a health standpoint to consume strong coffee on a frequent basis, especially if individuals already have medical conditions that may be affected by coffee. According to Dr. Brenner, drinking high amounts of coffee can contribute to teeth staining, and those who drink their coffee with milk or sugar, increase the amount of erosion of enamel on their teeth.

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