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Cosmetic Surgery Financing Is Available for People With Poor Credit from United Medical Credit


Newport Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/30/2012 -- Each year, thousands of Americans forgo medical procedures that would greatly improve their quality of life because they cannot afford them. And while a number of people have health insurance, elective procedures such as Lasik eye surgery, fertility treatments and cosmetic surgeries are typically not covered by their policies.

For those individuals with unfavorable credit, obtaining the financing necessary to have one of these medical procedures is even more difficult.

United Medical Credit recently developed a new line of financing services for patients with less than perfect credit. Patients who have been turned down by other financing companies can take advantage of the new services from UMC for elective surgeries and devices, including cosmetic surgery loans, bariatric financing, dental loans and eye procedure financing.

Whether a person is looking to reach their family goals through the use of fertility treatments or needs help getting to a healthy weight with a bariatric surgery, United Medical Credit can assist them in financing their preferred procedure or device, even if they have poor credit.

The company has connections with a wide range of experienced physicians and venders and prides itself on their agreements with a host of competitive lenders. This gives them the ability to locate the best financing options and rates for patients, whatever their needs.

Due to their superior customer service and proven track record for assisting patients with their financing requirements, United Medical Credit continues to receive fantastic customer reviews.

According to past customer Dena W., “United Medical Credit was wonderful. Their customer service agents were nothing less than helpful, efficient and timely. The services needed were provided for me regardless of past history. I highly recommend their agents and company to anyone in need of medical loan!”

Once approved for a loan, the experts at United Medical Credit will contact a patient’s physician directly to work out the details of their procedure and the financial terms.

As stated in a previous press release about UMC, all of the company’s financing options are retail installment contracts. This type of contract provides patients with a fixed interest rate and a set number of payments making it easier for them to plan their budgets.

For more info on plastic surgery loans or about the new line of financing services available from UMC, visit http://www.UnitedMedicalCredit.com

About United Medical Credit
United Medical Credit is a leading competitor in financing medical procedures. UMC provides customers with fast financing, up to date loan terms and a track record patients can count on. United Medical Credit’s partners share a combined 10 years of experience in the medical financing industry. Not only does UMC have experience, but it also has satisfied customers to show for the value and quality of its work.