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Cosmetic Surgery SEO and Ninja Content Marketing Tips for Plastic Surgeons


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/02/2013 -- As a firm with an exclusive focus on cosmetic surgery SEO and Internet marketing for plastic surgeons, SEO Kiwi has helped numerous doctors boost their businesses by improving their search engine rankings. In a new video posted to the firm’s site, SEO Kiwi founder, Aaron Franklin, reveals two unusual SEO and ninja content marketing tips plastic surgeons can use to improve their Internet marketing efforts – writing ‘best of’ articles and pieces about businesses related to theirs.

Franklin’s first tip for plastic surgery SEO is that surgeons author ‘best of’ articles talking about the best practitioners in their niche – essentially their top competitors. In it the surgeon would list, for example, the top five facial plastic surgeons in their region. He explains that the key to this tactic is for the author to exclude themselves from the list. Although this may seem counter-intuitive, Franklin’s logic is that excluding themselves actually helps the doctor build credibility, and potential patients who read the piece will appreciate their honesty and transparency. Additionally, people specifically searching for any of the doctors mentioned will find the article and land on the author’s site, giving them a chance to earn the business.

“This is a strategy not a lot of people do,” comments Franklin. “Most people are so scared to talk about their competition because they don’t want to give them any of the spotlight. The reality is, on the Internet, they will find these people anyway. I call this strategy owning the racecourse. You own what the people are reading and you dictate how they see the competition.”

Another rarely used strategy for cosmetic practice SEO that Franklin recommends is that doctors talk about related businesses or services in their area. “So for example, if I’m a plastic surgeon in Miami, Florida, I may want to talk about top five hospitals in Miami or the top five places to go school to be a plastic surgeon,” Franklin adds. “Giving others recognition is actually helping you with your SEO.” He explains that these articles tend to be fairly well shared and well received, thereby generating a lot of traffic back. “It may not always be your client but the fact that your keywords and your content is being shared -- Google loves that stuff and that helps in your overall SEO,” he concludes.

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SEO Kiwi is an SEO and Internet marketing firm specializing in helping plastic surgeons build their online market share and deliver a consistent flow of high-quality leads from all the top search engines and social media networks. SEO Kiwi creator Aaron Franklin works with only one plastic surgeon per city. Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Practice SEO Specialist. For more on these two tips, please visit http://www.seokiwi.com/2-ninja-content-marketing-tricks-for-plastic-surgeons-doing-seo or http://www.seokiwi.com