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Cosmetic Surgery Services in Singapore by Medora Center

Medora Centre specialize in various aesthetic and cosmetic services in Singapore. It is located in Orchard Blvd, Camden Medical Centre building.


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2012 -- Cosmetic surgery services are currently part of day to day surgical operations in specialized medical centers in Singapore. The importance of such services in the current community cannot be underrated as people endeavor to have a better look.

Cosmetic surgical procedures are performed by interdisciplinary professionals like Dr Zubin Medora who is the Medical director and Primary care doctor in Medora center which is a fully registered local medical clinic under the ministry of health in Singapore. Therefore cosmetic surgery is done by qualified professional hence people should not be reluctant to access such service.

Cosmetic surgical procedures commonly conducted nowadays include procedures for either noninvasive or minimally invasive operations. In most occasions' non invasive surgical operations, either done on the face or the body for individuals who want to improve their outlook may include hair transplant, laser treatment for stretch marks. While invasive or minimally invasive procedure a throat specialist will perform include more complex procedures like hair transplant, facelift procedures, eye surgery which can either be oriental double eyelid, upper eyelid hooding or lower eye bags among other surgical operations.

Cosmetic surgical procedures need to be done by doctors who the skill and the necessary training to effectively perform these procedures. All the doctor performing such services to patients or any other individual require relevant training and experience like with Dr. Zubin Medora who has undergraduate medical training, postgraduate surgical qualifications and even concrete training and experience in cosmetic surgery. Such doctors need also to be registered with the relevant medical associations as a show of their qualification to perform cosmetic surgical procedures.

Patients and even people who are considering going for a cosmetic surgical procedure should be cautious to make sure that the procedure is done by credible doctors. This is important to avoid case of complications that may be associated with inappropriate procedures. In spite of this, the patient should need not to shy off from seeking these services since there many credible doctors with different specializations and the skill to deliver appropriately.

About Medora Center
Medora center is a locally registered medical center, run by qualified doctors all registered by relevant authorities and with a strong belief in a team effort to offer the best medical care for patients For further information contact: http://www.cosmeticsurgeon.sg

Dr Zubin Firdos Medora
Medical Director and Primary Care Doctor
Medora Centre for Medicine and Surgery
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