Cosmetics Demand in Rural Markets Provokes Its Expansion in Smaller Towns

The demand for cosmetic products is trickling down to rural areas with rising consumer awareness, says RNCOS.


Noida, UP -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2014 -- Indian cosmetic industry has been witnessing rapid strides over the past few years. The aggressive marketing & distribution strategy being adopted by companies are opening gateways for the companies to tap new markets. According to a new report by RNCOS, “Indian Cosmetic Market Outlook 2018”, various companies, like Revlon, are expanding their reach to rural markets to take on its rivals, so that it adds to its strength.

According to our report, rural markets have become a potential market for many Companies. The growing demand for cosmetic products in the rural markets is provoking several manufacturers to introduce fairly priced variants at supreme quality through their supply chain networks. For instance, Revlon is rolling out new brand of colour cosmetics priced about 60% cheaper than the existing Revlon range, inorder to expand the reach to smaller towns. Further, Companies like HUL has developed a strong presence in rural markets due to its Shakti network wherein the male members of the network distribute the products on bicycles, propelling the sales of its products. The massive potential in rural areas would provoke more number of companies to establish their networks in these areas.

The report “Indian Cosmetic Market Outlook 2018”, covers the current and future market for the cosmetic industry in India. The report has been divided into various segments – hair care (hair oil, shampoo, hair conditioner, hair gel/cream and hair color), skin care (creams/lotions, talcum powder, and face wash), oral care (toothpaste & toothpowder, toothbrush and mouthwash), fragrance (deodorants & perfume) & color cosmetics, with current & future forecast till 2018 of each of these segments along with their sub-types. Besides, in order to assess the regional demand of these sub-types, we have provided the current and future market till 2018. The report also sheds light on the current & future scenario of the Indian cosmetic industry from the point of view of gender and demographics. In addition, the report covers a section on the trends prevailing in the industry. A section also includes information about competitive landscape covering business overview, recent developments & SWOT analysis to present a deep insight into the industry.

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