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Cosmic Comforts: Beverly Hills Decorator's New Book Fuses Astrology & Interior Design. It's a Stylish Match That Is Now Made Easy

Masterfully crafted by Kita Marie Williams, ‘Astrology & Interior Design: Unlocking the Secret to Your Personal Style at Home’ exposes supposed design and decor elements that each zodiac sign theoretically prefers. Poised to become a starting block for many confused about how to decorate their home, the book also boasts a thorough introduction to further personal astrological exploration. It’s a world’s first, for sure.


Beverly Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2014 -- While most people believe that design choices are decided on a whim, an unlikely yet compelling new book proves that one’s preferences may just lie in their zodiac sign. Helping readers meld interior design and astrology to create the perfect harmonious space, Kita Marie Williams is delighted to announce the launch of her new book.

‘Astrology & Interior Design: Unlocking the Secret to Your Personal Style at Home’ oozes with the author’s passion for astrology and decade-plus experience as a celebrated interior designer and home decorator. So much more than theory, the book will empower any and all readers to embrace their astrological values as they lead their design choices.


Are you confused about how to start designing or decorating your home? Explore how astrology may play a role in your design and décor preferences with this fun and informative book. You will be provided with tools and references that not only help you narrow down your choices, but also provide a great basis for personal exploration for Astrology newbies.

Each chapter explores supposed general design preferences of each zodiac sign. At the end of the book, you can fill out the simple worksheet of design preferences and use it as a starting point for creating your new space or as a guide for your professional interior designer or decorator.

“I’ve been using astrology in my interior design work for many years and clients love it. In fact, my company is the only Interior Design and Decorating firm to use astrological techniques in space planning,” says Williams, owner of KMW Interiors.

Continuing, “It’s very daunting when you’re faced with the blank canvas of decorating a home. By using astrological techniques it is easy to narrow down the options and settle on decoration and design that is a natural fit for a person’s character. Believe me – it works!”

The book outlines the entire process.

“I start by showing readers how to draft their birth chart so they can discover other attributes that may influence their style. They can then move around the book to read about the different signs that are relevant to their discovery. Of course, readers will also need to take action on what they have uncovered, so I include a very handy worksheet where design elements can be noted and given directly to an interior design expert,” Williams adds.

With the book’s popularity set to increase, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘Astrology & Interior Design: Unlocking the Secret to Your Personal Style at Home’ is available in eBook format now: http://amzn.to/1kxtr7C. The paperback version is due for release on June 18th, 2014.

About Shekita (Kita) Marie Williams
Shekita (Kita) Marie Williams is the owner and lead designer at KMW Interiors, an interior design, home decoration and home staging company based in Beverly Hills, California. After 10 years of working in entertainment marketing, the opportunity of a lifetime allowed her to start KMW Interiors and follow her dream of being an interior designer and decorator.

Kita Williams is also a self-taught astrologer and has been reading the charts of friends, family and clients for over 15 years. She considers herself a "student" of astrology and constantly incorporates newly discovered knowledge in her techniques. To Kita, Astrology is mystical fun that miraculously provides useful insights that can help people successfully navigate their life journey.

Over the years she has learned to apply astrological techniques to home décor and space planning. She has even used Local Space Astrology techniques to help her clientele better plan their existing spaces. She also applies Feng Shui techniques and is an advocate for green design.