Cosmopolitan Launches a New Skincare Product "Mystic-Magic" and New Website


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/07/2012 -- Cosmopolitan UK launched their new skincare product Mystic-Magic and their new website. Mystic-Magic will give any skin a healthier glow and beauty. It ensures that everyone’s skin will look younger revitalized and alive. The great thing is that Cosmopolitan’s products are all affordable and effective at the same time. Compared to other skincare products that are out in the market today, Cosmopolitan’s product are clinically proven and effective in treating any skin related problems. It strives for excellence giving world class products that will suit to anyone’s budget. All the products are unique having innovative features for everyone’s satisfaction.

Cosmopolitan’s main products include Waxin-ezz that dramatically reduces pain from waxing and it also contains an anti-irritant and antiseptic.

For people who regularly undergo wax treatment, Waxin-eez can be very beneficial for them. It is considered a waxing pain relief product as it significantly decrease the pain experienced from the waxing process. It contains ingredients which are anti-irritant, anti-septic, and anaesthetic with a combination of relie for itchiness.

SpotNoMore was introduced as spot treatment which can dramatically lessen the appearance of facial's spots with regular use. It is made from the company's secret formula that provides optimal face cleaning and spot reducing. It also offers the Oil Medley that contains a mixture of six oils that are proven in making the skin glow. The SweatBeGone is their product that is specially made to reduce sweating. They are also offering Cold and Flu Eucalyptus Lotion which contains eucalyptus oil that is not only good in preventing onset of symptoms of flu and cold but also great as a treatment. The lotion also helps in unblocking congested chests.

Coconut and palm body butter are all made from natural ingredients used for skin hydration without clogging the pores. These products can also restore the skin's elasticity and relieves the muscles fatigue, tension and aches. Cosmopolitan is also offering bath salts like the Dead Sea Salt wherein it contains more minerals than the usual sea salt that found in the market today. It is an excellent way in softening the skin as well as revitalizing skin cells. It also offers Epsom salt that is famously known as salt for the muscle relaxation and to help others to recover from injuries. It also offers Dead Sea Salt and Epsom Salt Bath Mix; it is the mixture of salts that will perfectly relax any person giving soft and smooth skin. It also offers Hair Wash Spray that relaxes and hydrates the hair. Lastly, it offers Rose Water which is a facial toner and cleanser which hydrates the skin and it can be used in all the skin types particularly for those sensitive and dry akin.

Cosmopolitan is a leading online store that offers cosmetic and skincare products for both men and women who are concerned about their skin. Cosmopolitan will ensure that their products are all safe to use and effective. There are so many people who are now drawn in buying their products for a certain reason that it contains ingredients that guarantees in giving everyone the natural skin glow that they are looking for. It offers highly effective products for a reasonable price and Cosmopolitan offer sample products for a very low price.

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