Cost and Usability Most Important Considerations when Purchasing Home Automation System

Survey results identify the most important factors for consumers when shopping for home automation systems


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/20/2014 -- A recent poll conducted by (TBC) indicated monthly fees and ease of use were the two most important considerations for consumers when purchasing home automation systems.

The online poll, distributed by Google Surveys to online consumers, received 1,087 responses. The survey asked each respondent which home automation feature was most important when choosing a home automation provider?

The cost of monthly fees and the ease of use for the system stood out as the most popular considerations by a statistically significant margin. While not nearly as popular, upfront costs arrived as the third most popular factor.

“It’s telling that monthly and upfront costs were both in the three most popular responses,” manager of home automation reviews, Sam Gale, said. “In an industry where high price tags are the norm, consumers seem pretty concerned about costs. From our research, we believe there is a large opportunity for companies to market to the cost-conscious individual that still wants home automation services, and are often neglected by premium providers.”

Ease of use was particularly important for respondents that were parents or over the age of 65. Amongst non-parents and other age groups, costs typically outranked all other considerations in terms of importance when making a purchasing decision.

TBC provides consumers with assistance in making purchasing decisions by reviewing service providers in a range of industries. Home automation reviews were recently added. Other industries reviewed include home security, debt relief and more than 33 others.

“Survey data is an important part of how we form our reviews,” Gale said. “Our reviews are intended to help consumers evaluate which company will best meet their needs, so it’s important we understand what consumers are most concerned about.”

Survey results were determined to be statistically significant based on a 95 percent confidence interval. The survey received a 19.5 percent response rate, which is considered good for the population surveyed. Based on information provided by Google surveys regarding the respondents, inherent demographic-based bias was minimal (2.3 percent).

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