Cost-Effective TIGWELD 250 EX from Longevity Global Inc.


Hayward, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2016 -- To weld exotic metals like copper, titanium, aluminum and even two dissimilar metals, TIG welders work by creating an arc between a metal that is to be bonded and a tungsten electrode. To cater to the needs of people, Longevity Global Inc. is now providing TIGWELD 250 EX at the most competitive prices. Earlier listed at $2,638.99, customers can now purchase this welding equipment for just $2,519.99. This TIG welder is featured with WP-2 Air Cooled TIG Torch, Ground Clamp, 200 AMP Stinger, Foot Pedal, Gas Hose, 110/220V Adapter and many other such features. The thermal overload protection of the welding machine safely shuts down the machine for proper cooling avoiding any damage. The TIGWELD® 250 EX allows excellent control whether the welder is using a TIG torch, the panel or the hand switch control.

Longevity Global Inc. is a well-known name in the industry that is widely recognized for offering a wide range of welding equipment at the market's best prices. The extensive range of TIG welders that the company offers include TIGWELD® 200SX, TIGWELD® 200i, TIGWELD® 200EX, TIGWELD® 200D and many others. Apart from providing an extensive range of TIG welder, the company also offers other welding equipment such as MIG welders, plasma cutters, CNC tables, stick welders, spot welders, welding helmets and many others. The company strives hard to exceed the expectations of their customers by providing them the best and most reliable welding equipment for garage, commercial and industrial uses.

Talking more about the TIGWELD 250 EX, one of the representatives of the company stated, "LONGEVITY® has both hobbyists and the professional welders in mind with the TIGWELD® 250 EX. This compact versatile unit offers the user a vast array of controls to accurately set the welder to perform under a wide variety of situations including some fine aluminum welding."

About Longevity Global Inc.
Since their startup in 2001, Longevity Global Inc. is recognized worldwide for providing reliable welding, cutting, and power-generating equipment. Most of their equipment comes with an unmatched five-year warranty on both parts and labor. They provide customers with affordable and reliable welding machines in all ranges of production from the garage users to pipe welders and ship builders. Building personal relationships and maintaining those relationships ethically and professionally is the reason the company is a market leader.

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