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Cost of Divorce to Rise by a Third: The Legal Team Comments


Doncaster, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/25/2015 -- The cost of a court hearing for divorce has risen by £140 to £550, as outlined by The Ministry of Justice and highlighted in a recent BBC report. Husbands and wives who wish to terminate their marriage will now find themselves facing an increased cost to end their relationship if they wish to do so through the legal system. The news follows hikes in court fees in other areas including immigration and property proceedings. The increase in divorce fees in particular has caused discontent, due to the fact that many believe divorce is expensive enough already.

The implications of this news could be quite immense in the long run. Individuals who are already struggling financially and are seeking to resolve a relationship matter through divorce may find the procedure less accessible due to the financial costs which are significant: representing an increase of a third. However, the Ministry of Justice suggests that the increases are necessary for the overall management of the process. Some state that divorce courts find themselves making more loss than a profit, and that the increased fees are necessary to maintain the balance needed to keep them running.

The Legal Team has leading law experts in multiple fields, including family law. As regular commentators on relevant industry news, they were eager to comment on the latest updates. A spokesperson had this to say: "We know it will be an unpopular move on the part of the courts, to increase the fees by such a significant proportion. People will have their concerns, and our main priority will be our existing and future clients and their needs. The good news is that many solicitors are highly empathetic to their client's financial circumstances, particularly when it comes to family law. It is crucial that legal professionals continue to prioritize their welfare, and retain an empathetic approach at what can be a very strained time. We ensure our clients are not adversely affected by any changes in fees or the legal system by keeping them notified and prepared at all stages of the legal process so that there are no nasty surprises or unforeseen setbacks that could disrupt the procedure. If you are concerned about the fees and what this means for you, it is crucial to speak to a legal adviser who can help you with this further."

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