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Counselor Joe Releases DVD Geared Towards Helping People Looking to Eliminate "Thinking Errors"


Mount Pleasant, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/29/2014 -- The newest dvd (Thinking Errors -Bringing them to awareness) released by counselor Joe, reveals as to how thinking errors are usually embedded or generated in the unconscious and the individuals affected are driven by these without knowing about it.

“Thinking Errors – Bringing them to awareness” is created specifically for counselors and addiction clients looking to speed up their recovery. Joseph Hayes shows in the dvd how thinking errors hidden in the unconscious drive can easily self-sabotage a client’s recovery from an addiction.

A typical example of how thinking errors may prevent recovery is a situation where the client suffering from addiction, complains about the inadequacies of therapists or their support groups. Most of the clients assume that the groups are all just talk and post that the people go out and return back to their addictions. This type of rationalization and thinking errors justify the client’s inability for a successful recovery. Having witnessed the same theme for many years, Hayes has seen evidence that such clients completely block off the idea of recovery or change.

The same phenomenon can be applied in our lives. Unknowingly our lives are dictated by our behaviors and actions. Hayes says “We tend to block off people we distrust and only find those that reward and encourage our very sell full filling prophesy. Awareness and honesty of knowing self and courage to share with others can be the key to unlock the hidden desires that rob us in the recovery process. In summation, “Know thy self and you will find in life exactly what you seek”.”

People looking to purchase the dvd,
Thinking Errors -Bringing them to awareness, can purchase it from here.

About Counselor Joe
Joseph D. Hayes (MS, NCC & LPC) is a licensed professional counselor practicing in Mount Pleasant, Texas. Currently Counselor Joe works with adolescents and adults. Besides working on a one on one basis with his clients, Joseph has published 3 books and as many DVDs. The topics that have been published, range from weight loss originating in the power of the human mind, anger management and also story for children that teaches them how to make good decisions and interactions. Mr. Hayes’s expertise have been developed in addiction and recovery, depression, anger management and life satisfaction.