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Countryside Animal Hospital Now Offers Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine


La Grange, KY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2013 -- Countryside Animal Hospital is expanding its range of available treatments. They now offer the option of using Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) for their patients as an integrated part of an overall treatment plan for patients in the Louisville area.

Over time, the Countryside Animal Hospital has been seeing more pet owners who hope to use TCVM as a means to provide a better quality of life to their pets. As more owners are experimenting with acupuncture as a way of treating their own ills, they are becoming more interested in what it can do for their companion animals as well. According to Dr. Thomas Rainey, “We are not just offering a Westernized version of acupuncture for pets. Instead, we’re integrating Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine with our existing therapies so that we can give our patients the benefit of that entire school of thought in a holistic way.”

This means that, in addition to acupuncture, the practice will be making use of herbal medicine and dietary therapies. Acupuncture has been used as a successful treatment in dogs for conditions as diverse as behavioral disorders, arthritis, and digestive issues. According to the practice, these approaches will be integrated with their existing Western medical practices in order to provide relief in a manner that is less painful and risky than relying exclusively on drugs and surgery.

The clinic has previously focused on providing a full range of Western Veterinary Medicine services. They are equipped to provide for all of the health needs of both dogs and cats, including vaccinations, dental services, surgery, and emergency care. They also operate their own pharmacy within the practice and have a climate-controlled environment for boarding dogs and cats. According to Dr. Rainey, “Our main focus as a practice is prevention and identifying problems before they reach a level where they are difficult and expensive to treat. That is why we offer complimentary wellness exams up to twice a year for our patients who come in to be vaccinated.”

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Countryside Animal Hospital is a full-service center that provides for all of a pet’s health needs. Dr. Rainey’s practice has always focused on giving pets excellent care and a good quality of life while offering services at rates that are affordable for families. To this end, they take advantage of both the best that modern technology has to offer, in the form of diagnostic equipment and electronic medical records, as well as more traditional medical practices like pet acupuncture. In addition, they also offer boarding, bathing, pharmacy, and dental services. The clinic serves the Louisville, KY area and is central to the Lexington, KY and Cincinnati, OH areas.