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Couples Counseling Service Uses Cameras to Give Couples an Objective Reality

New York-based spiral2grow Marriage Family Therapy Utilizes Innovative Strategy to Solve Relationship Problems


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/10/2015 -- Although the divorce rate here in the United States may not be 50% as many news sources would have you believe, conflict and conflict resolution in relationships remains a very important talking point. From married couples, to premarital counseling, to matters of infidelity – the problems that can arise in a relationship are many. In order to combat those issues, therapists have developed a number of different strategies over the years. Over time without the proper attention and care, these problems can balloon and become full blown reasons for dissolution. Fortunately, achieving life and relationship fulfillment is obtainable. As a leading counseling service based in New York. spiral2grow Marriage Family Therapy recently began an innovative approach to couples counseling: in-home cameras. The practice hopes to derive great value from the cameras, which will serve as an impartial account of events in the home.

As the use of technology continues to reach ubiquitous levels, camera usage in the home has become less and less foreign. Currently, three separate couples are in the midst of treatment with the aid of the cameras, which are equipped to pick up sound, too. After initially acting to please the audience, the couples quickly grow accustomed to the constant surveillance, acting as they normally would without being watched.

The use of cameras allows therapists to obtain an account of the events devoid of bias. The counselor can consider both versions of a given conversation before viewing the objective portrayal. Video enhances the progress of psychotherapy, consisting of sessions that provide clear, real-life, present-moment feedback to clients to help them see themselves and understand how their behavior (verbal and non-verbal dimensions) is manifested in the relationship dynamic.

Founder and executive director of spiral2grow Marriage Family Therapy Moshe Ratson spoke about the innovative camera use, and its possible uses in the clinical setting, "Here at spiral2grow Marriage Family Therapy, we are completely open to new strategies, new ways of approaching age-old problems. The use of these cameras quite simply made a lot of sense to us. Now, not every couple we approach is going to be comfortable being filmed and watched closely like this. But for those that are, we believe there are a wealth of benefits, and nearly unlimited potential for this method. Video gives you a great dynamic, allowing you to stand back and reflect on what you see, hear, feel, and realize about the person on the screen."

About spiral2grow Marriage Family Therapy
spiral2grow Marriage Family Therapy was founded in 1995 by Moshe Ratson, who also serves as the Executive Director of the Marriage Family Therapy practice. The practice is a leading organization in the Midtown New York City that provides cutting-edge coaching, psychotherapy, couples and marriage counseling, relationship workshops, and a range of organizational development programs. Individuals, couples, families, executives, and organizations all benefit from its services and emerge stronger and more adaptive as a result. Ultimately, the aim of the company is to assist clients achieve their goals and potentials, while freeing and liberating them from their internal and external constraints.