Coupon Codes Lady Launches Money Saving Tips for Moms This Summer

Coupon Codes Lady has created a whole new suite of content aimed at helping mothers save money on their summer activities, from weight loss and cosmetic products to home items and more.


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/13/2014 -- Coupon codes are a means for brands to stay competitive and attract new customers over to their products and away from those they might traditionally use, helping consumers reduce their expenditure on key items. The problem for many brands is that individuals now search by brand for coupon codes, sticking with those they love. This also makes it harder for bargain hunters, who can get equally good products from other brands if only they knew where to look. CouponCodesLady takes a different approach, grouping deals by category together with useful advice on how to get the best from the codes.

The site has just been updated with a new raft of money saving advice and offers for summer, with advice on how to save on cosmetics using the latest codes from the biggest brands, to guidance on how to lose weight for bikini season on a budget, and even product release information on amazing new innovations offered at introductory rates in sanitation and hygiene.

By curating the offers instead of merely presenting them, any couponing lady can see how the codes can be combined to offer a complete shopping solution resulting in maximum savings on the different items they require, making the presentation as useful as the codes themselves.

Dawn, co-owner of Coupon Codes Lady explained, “We specialize in content for bargain hunting moms because that is our field of expertise. Our editor in chief started the website because she herself is a bargain hunting mom, and wanted everyone to know that struggle needn’t be the default reality of life as a mom for those willing to use coupon codes in a smart way by using our tips and experience. The summer content provides a full solution not only to managing household budgets but to helping moms indulge and feel special without feeling guilty about spending too much on themselves.”

About Coupon Codes Lady
Coupon Codes Lady is a blog run by a homeschooling mom who has been sharing her knowledge about coupon usage and frugal living. Dawn, the editor of blog personally saves hundreds of dollars each month and can help others achieve the same savings, to better provide for a family on a limited budget. The site is regularly updated with the latest offers and advice. For more information please visit: