Coupons In Demand, LLC Announces Its Official Launch

Small business owners can now affordably attract customers simply by using the Do-It-Yourself coupon management solutions offered at


Jacksonville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2014 -- In today’s marketplace, many small business owners struggle to attract new customers and retain existing ones. We’ve all heard about small business owners complaining how costly the popular daily deal sites are, which usually requires a business to offer at least 50% savings to the customer, while the site collects 50% of the remaining revenue. The only other option has been to either hire an expensive marketing firm, hire your own graphic designer or to select from a handful of very plain and limited Do-It-Yourself coupon solutions. officially launches its website designed for business owners to easily create their own professional looking coupons and manage their coupon campaign online for just pennies a day. This process begins by selecting from a variety of coupon templates followed by uploading your company logo, product images, offer description, and optionally include a QR-Code to make recording coupon usage a snap. If your business has multiple locations, you can specify offers to be location specific. This makes it simple for your potential customers to quickly identify which stores are nearest to them.

Andrew Duvall, Founder and CEO of Coupons In Demand, LLC said of the online design tool for coupons, “We want our members to return often to enjoy the benefits of our site. We’ve made it convenient for them to upload their logo and product images once and be able to quickly reuse them on the next coupons they create. Ideally, we wanted to create an experience for our customers that empowered them full control of their coupon design by allowing them to drag and drop their images and text wherever they desire, not where we think it should go for each and every coupon. This is what makes coupons created by one company able to look very unique from the coupons created by another company. For us it’s about providing value for our customers.”

About Coupons In Demand, LLC
Coupons In Demand, LLC was started in 2011 by Andrew Duvall to provide small business owners with a resource that would allow them to create, manage and distribute coupons to their customer base both online and in print. The company is based in Jacksonville, Florida.

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Andrew Duvall
Founder and CEO
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