Couture Sally Moon Introduces the Xochitl Collection


Old Town Albuquerque, NM -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/12/2014 -- Walking on the wild side… walking in Spirit... listening to the leather talk… creating wearable art because there is a need to express what is germinating within ones being, otherwise, one will perish. Sally Moon, Leather Couture, can walk the halls of the Musée du Louvre or trek the sacred mountains of Peru whilst making Ceremony side-by-side with Shamans, is inspired by Life, Beauty and Munay-Love.

Nested in Albuquerque, New Mexico lives the heart of a spiritual couture and her blend of spirituality that can’t be found in design schools. It is something one is born with. Living this couture lifestyle, acknowledging the difference between Eye-sight and Heart-site, pulses Life as spirit... Life is art.

The footsteps of Georgia O'Keeffe still resonate during her time spent in Albuquerque New Mexico and now, in the same location, is the couture leather design studio of Sally Moon that has given us the Xochitl™ Collection.

Sally’s inspiration to create the Xochitl™ Collection manifested during a flight back from her bi-annual journey to Peru in March 2012. Sally had a vision that would ultimately be called the Xochitl™ Wearable Art Collection. Xochitl means flower in the Aztec - Nahuatl language. This collection uses hand-embroidered flowers from traditional huipiles (blouses) from Oaxaca, Mexico. The famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo often dressed in this traditional attire.

The entire collection is fashioned with the watchfulness of a Couture, as each item is individually crafted by hand. The “listening to the leather” and to what the client desires ultimately culminates into a timeless, wearable, art piece. Each piece is blessed, signed and numbered. The finishing detail is superb and these pieces are constructed to endure… aging beautifully with wear.

Sally’s couture is more than runways and models. It embodies Spirit….from the gifts of the deer and sheep who provide food and hides, to the loving hands surrendered to Spirit creating works of beauty. A special quality is infused in each piece that goes beyond words. Xochitl Collection is unique in every sense of the word…as are you.

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