CovaChem: An Innovative Chemical Reagent Manufacturer Changes the Biotech Industry


Loves Park, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2013 -- CovaChem is a worldwide supplier of chemical reagents that supply both in retail and in bulk. CovaChem is a supplier of products to the research scientists working in the field of life sciences. The company supplies the highest quality of reagents in the market that are used for mass spectrometry, proteomics, protein sciences, and drug testing & development. Customers that need chemicals and biochemical for analytical or research purposes are supplied with reagents. CovaChem offers an unconditional guarantee on all of their chemical products to instill customer confidence that the products they are manufacturing have the best quality in the industry. Research scientists who are conducting research for protein interaction discovery, drug development and proteomics use the products of CovaChem.

Sulfo-SANPAH is a water-soluble heterobifunctional cross linker offered by CovaChem. By quantitative NMR, the purity of this solid cross linker is equal to or greater than 90%. The storage protection for this cross linker is conditioned with a temperature of 4 degree Celsius. It has to be stored in a non moist place.

NHS-Biotin, a water-insoluble biotinylation reagent is offered by CovaChem to its customers at very competitive prices. The DSG Crosslinker is also a white solid cross linker and it is also available in a water soluble form in BS2G. The quantitative NMR tells its purity to be 96% or more.

The TCEP-HCl is also supplied by CovaChem. It is a reducing agent used for reducing the disulfide bonds. It is also a white solid component that has a purity of up to 99%. Succinimidyl iodoacetate is another heterobifunctional cross linker sold by CovaChem. This white solid has a purity in excess of 95%. For more detailed specs and prices of above mentioned products, interested folks may visit

CovaChem provides all these substances to the life sciences researchers for research purposes. The substances can be purchased for low prices both in retail and in bulk according to the desired use. Quality is the flag carried by CovaChem and they promise the supply of high quality reagents to their customers. Customers of CovaChem serve their field by conducting research in the field of life sciences and by making new inventions in the field of pharmacy. CovaChem feels proud in serving these research scientists by offering low price yet high quality products.

CovaChem products are widely known for their efficiency because they are always manufactured by chemist with decades of experience, and quality is never sacrificed. CovaChem manufactures and sells directly to the end users all over the world with affordable shipping rates.

About CovaChem
CovaChem is an innovative chemical reagent manufacturer in the life sciences industry. CovaChem’s basic aim is to deliver highly effective reagents to their valued customers at affordable prices. CovaChem has always put their customers first and customer satisfaction is the topmost priorities of CovaChem.

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