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London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/27/2014 -- E books are in vogue. Not only are they the most convenient formats when compared to traditional paperbacks, but, they also offer an elevated level of interaction for the reader. The reader is truly able to emerge into the book reading experience with an eBook.

‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ though a popular saying is not mostly true when it comes to reading. The cover does play a major role in making a reader interested. It is this quest to make the first best impression that has customers looking for high quality eBook designs.

A cover design company that is on the job to achieve this goal for its customers is CoverDesignCo. What this company does is quite unique and that is deliver eBook cover designs that are captivating, engaging and intriguing. Based on the content of the book, the company can design just about any cover regardless of the niche it belongs to.

It takes exactly four steps to complete the ordering process on the company’s website. First, the customer has to choose a price package. He can either choose a Standard Package which provides the front cover of the book or the Deluxe Package which covers the front, back and spine. The customer has to make 50% of the deposit by placing the order.

The team at CoverDesignCo will then start working on the eBook cover design. After approval of the cover, delivery will be made along with the free 3D Cover of the book. It is this ease and customization of orders that has the company flooding with orders.

About CoverDesignCo
CoverDesignCo was launched in February, 2014 by designer/internet marketer Joshua Bruce. CoverDesignCo is a website that services in the creation of eBook cover design. The company delivers stunning eBook cover designs that are not only affordable but, also extremely appealing.

The fact that deliveries are made in a matter of 3-5 working days and the fact that the company charges no extra stock image fee are two solid reasons to consider placing an order.

It is a known fact that eBook cover designs can boost sales and when a design cover company this accomplished is involved in the process, there is no looking back! To know more, log onto

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