More Stock Investors Choosing Covered Calls to Maximize Return


Fort Worth, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/27/2011 -- Compound Stock Earnings (CSE) a stock brokerage and investment firm announces a dramatic increase in the percentage of stock portfolio clients moving to covered calls as a way to maximize investments. The firm specializes in selling covered calls for clients via a strategic and proven method to help them earn monthly dividends regardless of market direction.

As stock market volatility increases, high risk/high return trading options have proven increasingly more disastrous for most investors. Investors are looking for ways to ensure their own financial growth as opposed to that of their brokers. Covered calls have proven to be an effective way to consistently maximize earnings from stock portfolios in an uncertain market.

Covered calls are generated when a broker representing the owner of a particular stock arranges to "write" or sell a call to someone who may want to buy that stock. The premium paid by the buyer goes to the original stock holder upon sale.

“The goal at CSE is to help our clients consistently earn three to six percent or better per month in cash flow from their stock portfolios regardless of market direction,” said CSE Founder Joseph Hooper. “Our rules-based strategy has proven to be a safe way for more conservative investors to make money from stocks without the pitfalls inherent to ‘predicting’ market forces.”

Hooper’s career spans many years as director for bank holding operations to a number of years at Merrill Lynch as a private client advisor. It was there that he began perfecting his technique for Covered calls for the firm’s clients, eventually becoming one of the foremost experts on covered calls.

For the last decade, he and CSE Director Aaron Zalewski, a former analyst with the banking industry, have generated income for hundreds of client portfolios. Zalewski and Hooper prioritize education for stock investors by serving as co-host for the CSE investment talk radio show Unconventional Wi$dom. Zalewski is also the author of a bestselling book on the subject of covered calls entitled Covered Calls and LEAPS: A Wealth Option.

In addition to having quite a few clients endorse and explain their results with CSE, the firm’s Website features a number of video educational pieces from Hooper and Zalewski explaining how the process and their firm works. “Over 70% of our clients come from client referrals,” said Hooper. Their experiences of consistently making money with our strategy are the best evidence of its superiority over other methods that anyone could ask for.” For more information on Compound Stock Earnings, please visit