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Cowan Investigations Announces Former Jersey City Police Captain Joseph Ascolese as Regional Operations Manager


Jersey City, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/08/2019 -- The leader in cohabitation investigations in Monmouth County, NJ, and other areas across the state including Ocean, Bergen, Mercer, and Middlesex Counties, Cowan Investigations is proud to announce the addition of former Jersey City Police Captain Joseph Ascolese to their team as the Regional Operations Manager.

Mr. Ascolese joined the Jersey City Police Department in 1987 where he was assigned to the Patrol Division, responding to various types of radio calls including serious crime calls, Domestic Violence, Child Endangerment, DYFS (DCCP) Matters, Child Custody Disputes. For a significant period, Mr. Ascolese also worked plainclothes, investigating street level robberies, narcotics, and burglary incidents.

As a Sergeant, Mr. Ascolese supervised officers in the Neighborhood Task Force responding to rapidly changing crime patterns in Jersey City's West District, which is one of the busiest police districts in the State of New Jersey. Upon being promoted to lieutenant, Mr. Ascolese was the overall commander in charge of up to two Police Districts during the night tour in the absence of District Commanders, while also assisting and coordinating serious criminal investigations with the On-Duty Detective Division Commander.

For a period of time, Mr. Ascolese supervised a Narcotics Unit coordinating investigations while participating in and overseeing the placement of surveillances. In addition, Mr. Ascolese supervised the ever-critical Central Communications Bureau, which has come to be known as the "heartbeat" of the Jersey City Police Department.

After his promotion to Captain, Mr. Ascolese was placed in command of the elite Special Operations Division, consisting of the multi-faceted Emergency Services Unit comprised of explosive, tactical, rescue, hazmat, and executive protection, as well as a K-9 Unit trained in narcotic and explosive detection.

Included with Mr. Ascolese's Special Operations Command was the rapid deployment force of up to one hundred officers specially trained for response to large-scale events and incidents. Last but not least, as the Special Operations Commander, Mr. Ascolese increased a sixteen-officer motorcycle traffic unit. This not only doubled the size of the squad and expanded its responsibilities beyond traffic enforcement and investigation, but also made the squad an integral part of the hugely successful Jersey City Police Department's crime reduction strategies in 2013 and 2014.

Among the most significant of Mr. Ascolese's achievements were his successful command of the traffic mitigation plan, which was put in place to ease traffic nightmares created by the closure of Jersey City's Pulaski Skyway. Another significant accomplishment of Mr. Ascolese was his successful command in a Level 1, National Security Event over security logistics pertaining to Jersey City's housing of both Super-bowl XLVlll teams over a ten-day period. During this operation, Mr. Ascolese coordinated and worked with multiple Federal, State, County, and Local Law Enforcement Agencies.

Mr. Ascolese retired in 2015 after twenty-seven years of public service, going on to become the Site Manager for an interstate security firm. He currently works as the Regional Operations Manager for Cowan Investigations.

"I have worked with Joe Ascolese on the Jersey City Police Department for over twenty-seven years, I have rarely found a colleague as competent and goal-driven as Joe," says Bob Cowan, owner of Cowan Investigations. "I look forward to working with Joe as Cowan Investigations expands its prominence in the field of providing legal support for New Jersey Family Law attorneys in matters such as alimony/cohabitation and child custody investigations."

Those currently seeking to hire a cohabitation investigator in Middlesex County, NJ, or in Ocean, Mercer, Monmouth, or Bergen Counties are directed to call Cowan Investigations today at 732-201-8142 or to visit their website at

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