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Cowboy Monkey Talks Fluff- a New Children's Picture Book by Debut Australian Author


Tingalpa, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/21/2020 -- Michael Rohr is storyteller who crafts fun and imaginative children's stories filled with daring adventures and silly laughs. Michael attempts to educate our children on the different farts that the body can produce and when it might be appropriate and inappropriate to let one go. Being a registered nurse, Michael has extensive knowledge and experience on both the giving and receiving this subject matter.

Before pursuing writing, this Port Macquarie, NSW, local, trained as an infantry soldier in the Australian Army where the subject matter would simmer and then explode, sometimes with raucous laughter and other times with utter disgust. Though his Army skills were finely tuned, often in minute detail, this bodily function sometimes had a mind of its own.

Michael transitioned from the army to a fruitful career caring for others as a registered nurse where he further enhanced his knowledge of farts under varying medical conditions. Many patients would be considered as experts releasing the orchestral tones of bass and alto. After two decades at close quarters to these dulcet tones, Michael is now a nursing manager.

While Michael loves his job, he realised he needed a productive outlet for his creativity, thus sparking his calling as an author. This devoted father of two allows his imagination to flow freely whenever he tells off-the-cuff bedtime tales to bring joy to his kids James, 9, and Zsofia, 12 who sometimes let one go at the most inappropriate times.

This is a LAUGH OUT LOUD book that I am sure all the family will enjoy. We encourage parents and grandparents to relay their most embarrassing fluff moments.


ISBN 9781925877762 RRP: $19.99 Size: 220*280mm Extent: 32 pages Publisher: Boolarong Press

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