Cowboy Will Roberts Receives Life Time Achievement Award at 2013 WWPAS


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/25/2013 -- It was Lights…Cameras… and plenty of Wild West Arts Action at Old Tucson April 12-14! Not only was this year’s WWPAS Convention and Competition hosted at a great new location, the iconic film studio and world famous theme park Old Tucson, but it also marked the first time the WWPAS Convention was held “on its own” since deciding to leave the herd of another organization earlier this past year, and “Ride for its own Brand!” I’m pretty darn sure that everyone who attended will surely agree… it made all the difference in the world, decision well made!

Members, in both the Professional Performer and Wild West Arts Enthusiast categories, not only provided great, entertaining performances for three straight days, but also displayed amazing technical skills, both in competitions and while educating the general public during “hands on” interactive workshops. The main goal for WWPAS is to keep the skills and heritage of America’s Wild West Arts alive for generations to come, and at this “Signature” Old Tucson event, it was the perfect place to give folks a great glimpse at Trick Roping, Gun Handling, Bull Whip Cracking, Knife Throwing and Wild West Stunt work.

The newest Special Award is the WWPAS Lifetime Achievement Award, obtainable to someone who is both a Performer and Promoter of the Wild West Arts, and has made major contributions in educating and preserving these unique skills… in 2013, “Will Roberts” The Modern Day Will Rogers personified such a person… Yee Haw!

Yep, these were the folks that walked away with Awards & Buckles, but I can confidently go on record by saying that each and every one of the WWPAS members that attended this year’s Convention walked away feeling like a winner… I know I did!

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