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Cowboy Romance Touches on the Paranormal in New Nina Moon Novel

Cowboy love stories with a ghostly twist sets apart new novel set in modern day Tombstone, AZ with roots reaching back into the wild west.


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/23/2013 -- Author Nina Moon announces the release of her paranormal cowboy romance novel, "Cowboy Romance: A Ghost Town Cowboy Love Affair". Her cowboy romance tells the story of Elizabeth, a writer who is traveling the back roads of Arizona researching the history of the wild west. She arrives in Tombstone, AZ where she has plans for some paranormal investigations alongside her historical research.

While conducting her research Elizabeth befriends an old saloon keeper named Boyd Adams and meets a handsome cowboy named Cooper Mitchell. A ghostly apparition begins following Elizabeth from her first nightly investigation into the town's history. Cooper offers to be her guide and as he helps her collect the towns legends a romance begins between them.

But Cooper is not who he seems to be, and neither is Elizabeth. As both her research and her wild west romance with Cooper blossom, Elizabeth becomes overwhelmed by a series of revelations and her new friend Boyd attempts to keep her from going off the edge. Elizabeth is forced to deal with the truth about her cowboy romance and her destiny, even if it will break her heart.

About her paranormal cowboy romance novel, author Nina Moon says, "Paranormal topics are extremely popular these days, and it is reflected in many media venues, such as TV shows, movies and books. This book takes the popular theme of cowboy romance, and combines it, with just the right amount of 'past', 'present', historical influence and paranormal elements, making this a very one-of-a-kind, modern day cowboy romance adventure."

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Nina Moon is a native of Chicago, IL where she studied theater and creative writing. She has spent years as a ghost writer creating work for other people. Now she focuses her talents on her favorite personal subjects of the paranormal, time travel, history, mystery and suspense, mixing them with her favorite genre, romance.

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