Cowpens, SC Man Invents Toy with Aluminum Dryer Hose and Golf Ball Called UTUBE


Ashville, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2013 -- The toy of the future has arrived. Making its debut in Asheville, North Carolina, as one of the world’s simplest, yet AMAZINGLY fun toys... The Utube toy! In today’s world of complexity comes a new toy to carry on the legacy of the simple life of toys gone by.

Michael Hicks from Cowpens, SC invented the Utube toy from an aluminum dryer hose that was languidly sitting on a golf bag. When Michael thought to place the ball inside of the U shaped dryer hose was “a light bulb moment”. It literally started the ball rolling and began the challenge of looping the ball consecutively... until it looped its way into Diane Sawyers hands as featured on Good Morning America, and Diane Sawyer loved it! She said, “It is so COOL!”

Utube inspires adults and children to play together from ages 7 to Granny. This toy is Granny approved. Michael’s grandmother says, “You have to get your Mojo going before you do it”.

As with all great toys, The Utube challenge never ends, and creativity is the key. Michael says, “I am constantly becoming aware of new ways to use Utube.”

The focus is not to conquer the Utube, rather, in learning to let go of control and find the balance which allows you to catch and launch the ball in continuous orbits. When this happens, the toy has the ability to teach presence, eye-to-hand coordination and sling-shot theory among others. It is wholesome, simple fun. Guaranteed to make you and others smile!

Michael, the inventor, says, “In the future we will hopefully be practicing less is more... and the amazing Utube teaches that.”

Michael Hicks
Inventor and Owner
Cell: 828-582-4505