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‘CPOL Employment’ Offers Free Help and Advice to Civilians Interested in a Military Career


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2011 -- Some people mistakenly believe that in order to work in the military, they must be enlisted in one of the branches, have served on active duty, or be a member of the reserves.

Actually every year, civilians are hired by the United States Army for all types of managerial and support positions. Called CPOL Employment, or Civilian Personnel On-Line Employment, interested people can typically apply for work anywhere that an Army base is located.

However, figuring out what types of positions are available and how to go about applying can be confusing for people who are interested in a military career. Information can be hard to find and can require hours of research and contacting different sources.

A website has been getting a lot of attention lately for its comprehensive and helpful information about Army civilian jobs that are available. CPOL Employment features articles, tips and advice that is very useful to anyone who is curious about or interested in pursuing a civilian military career. The home page includes articles about not only Army civilian jobs but also those with the Air Force and Navy.

CPOL Employment was created by two men who were interested in CPOL themselves, and found that obtaining information was challenging. By creating the website with all of its helpful features, they hope to pass along information to the general public and make their quest for military employment easier to obtain.

“The CPOL Employment website offers Army civilian access to jobs positions available in administration and technical professional fields,” an article on the website explained, adding that Army spouses are typically given preference for job positions, which come with benefits like health and life insurance, paid holidays, and vacation pay.

“CPOL Employment also provides you with paid employment while you are taking training. The bonus program is great as well.”

Because having a resume that is tailored as much as possible to CPOL needs is very important, the website also features a CPOL resume builder. People may either fill in a worksheet or copy and paste their existing resume onto the website. The website advises which keywords should be included in the resume to help the employer notice a person’s qualifications.

About CPOL Employment
CPOL Employment was created by two men who were interested in a civilian military career, but found it difficult to get the information they needed to pursue their goal. The website offers free and helpful advice on the types of jobs that are available as well as tips as to who is most likely to qualify for a particular position. The website also features a CPOL resume builder that can help applicants increase their chances of landing an interview. For more information, please visit http://www.cpolemployment.com