Joe Bragg Launches to Create One-Stop Resource in Finding Government Contracts


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/06/2012 -- Even in the global recession, governments are still hiring, and the US government is no different. Government jobs often take the form of contracts, but it can be difficult finding these contracts if job hunters don’t know where to look. has the latest in government contract jobs, collating them from job listings websites and other sources to ensure that for the first time, government contracts and army civilian contracts can be found quickly and easily by those looking for a career that can also put them in a position to serve their country.

The site does not simply list jobs fulfilling those criteria, however. High quality original content is dedicated to giving visitors to the site a head start over the competition, by providing editorialized content in the form of advice on making the best impression, what to include in applications, and jargon-busting lists of common terminology to ensure that specialized language provides no barrier to those who may be applying to a more specialized field for the first time.

Perhaps the most notable feature is an E-Book on how to get the best army civilian jobs, which amalgamates much of the owners’ combined knowledge in the field to give users a big head start.

Spokesman for the site John Stevenson had this to say about why he and his business partner created the site, “We created the site because we started out looking for these kinds of jobs, and found the process surprisingly difficult. Naturally, we wanted a service that would make it easier for us to find the kinds of jobs we were looking for, and as there wasn’t anything online, we had to create it. We’ve since specialized in preparations for interviews, with a free E-Book available to help users land the job they want, so they can begin serving their country sooner rather than later.”

About CPOL Employment
CPOL Employment was created by two men who were interested in a civilian military career, but found it difficult to get the information they needed to pursue their goal. The website offers free and helpful advice on the types of jobs that are available as well as tips as to who is most likely to qualify for a particular position. The website also features a free to download 15 page e-book containing useful tips and advice on how to get the Best Army Civilian Jobs. For more information please visit: