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CPR Basics 123 Launches New Website Aiming to Spread CPR Fundamentals for Public


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/09/2015 -- CPRBasics123 is a new website aims to help millions around the globe to learn the first aid technique. CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation and it can be performed virtually anywhere by a specially trained individual who have already mastered the skill. CPR should be learned as it's a very important lifesaving procedure in times of emergency and accidents.

CPR is aimed at reviving a person by restarting the heart and lung functions of an unconscious patient. The compression given to a patient's chest area will give stimulations to the heart's beating so it can begin initial manual pumping. Unless a person has a more severe case warranting ACLS or advanced cardiac life support which can only be administered by a professional.

Other basic principles of CPR includes timing, tools needed, family discussion and other conditions while doing the resuscitation procedure. There are perfect timing for CPRs whose vital signs and pulse is lost. It should be stopped when all of these vital signs returned to normal, requires training from the right institution and instructor and some hygienic tools if needed.

Reviewing the history, CPR was first conceived in 1954, primarily as a lifesaving skill by Doctor Peter Safar. He wrote the book entitled "The ABCs of Resuscitation" released in 1957. James Elam was the first person to have ever conducted CPR on another individual but it was only two decades later, 1970 that it became popular in the American culture. The dummy used in training is called CPR Anne and is the standard model around medical practitioners around the globe.

CPR can be done to any individual including infants, or pregnant women, people with asthma, and even dogs. There had been instances of CPR administered improperly which resulted to death. Therefore it's important to learn the fundamentals first before trying to someone. There are different techniques when it comes to who is it administered for as babies need lighter compressions. CPR also has its own CABs namely compressions, airway and breathing. These steps must be repeated until patient is breathing properly or until medical assistance arrives.

The website which includes the information above helps readers to understand more about CPR before taking a formal training.

About CPRBasics123
CPRBasics123 was founded by individuals who think life is precious. Hence, learning lifesaving skills when one can't wait for 911 emergency units is a must. They teach basic fundamentals minus all the complexities in other online resources. Plus other comprehensive knowledge on common questions, equipment and certification procedures for an individual to perform CPRs without any complications.

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