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CPSD President Has Article in Discover Magazine


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/16/2021 -- Leslie Ryland, president of the Collaborative Practice San Diego (CPSD), has an article on collaborative divorce in the June edition of Discover Magazine.

The article explains how the collaborative process produces a peaceful and respectful divorce instead of the "scorched earth litigation" so many people have come to expect.

An attorney with the Schaffer Family Law Group, Ms. Ryland is well-versed in mediated and collaborative divorce. As she explains in the article, this process allows both sides to keep the peace during the divorce.

"The main point I wanted to get across in the article is that collaborative divorce is a calm process. Two adults may agree to end their relationship. But they don't have to lose their minds during the divorce or hate each other when it is over," Ryland explained.

That process includes stating what each side wants and then working to an agreed-upon compromise. Negotiation with collabortively trained professionals is an important part of this.

"Too many people think divorce has to be a war with each side fighting for everything they can get. It does not have to be that. It can calm, peaceful and no one has to fight," she said.

Ryland also discusses how the collaborative process especially benefits children. While minor children can make a divorce more complicated, working together to fashion a solution in the family's best interest creates a win-win situation.

"I am also thankful to the editors and publishers at Discover who encouraged me to write this article. I hope many people read it and realize that they can bring a legal end to their relationship in a calm way," she said.

Visit Discover and turn to Page 23 to read the article.

For more information about Ms. Ryland or collaborative divorce, visit the CPSD.

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