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CR Thompson Has Recently Released New Roofing Advice for Winter Roofing Repairs and Replacements


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/24/2013 -- When it comes to roofing repairs and replacements in the wintertime, many homeowners think that it is not an option. However, CR Thompson encourages people to repair any damages during the cold months because it can do more harm by waiting. The Philly roofing company knows that most people have the idea in their head that roofing needs to be done in the hot summer months to be done correctly and efficiently. However, this is not the case, and CR Thompson encourages repairs and replacements to be done now with their new roofing advice.

The professional roofing contractors at CR Thompson know that outside home improvement issues are the last thing on a homeowner’s mind to get fixed, especially in this dreary cold season. Since it is a large investment, it is important to take care of any structural damages as soon as possible. Also servicing Bucks County, CR Thompson’s strategy is to jump on any minor repairs that need to be looked at especially because the winter months are what cause most of the damages. Their Bucks County roofing company has no problem mending any problems in the winter; the only difference for their contractors is the temperature. So far the Philadelphia and Bucks County area has had a mild winter with limited snow; however, the rain and freezing temperatures can expand existing cracks and leaks in the roof.

CR Thompson also stresses how important it is to tackle any issues right away before any structural damage occurs or gutters become ice damns. Not only does this not allow water to drain properly, but it also bears a significant amount of weight down on the edge of one’s roof, which can cause even more damage that can easily be avoided. For roofing in Bucks County or Philadelphia, they encourage homeowners not to wait until the spring time to fix any roofing concerns.

About CR Thompson
CR Thompson is honored to be a preferred roofing company in Philly and Bucks County. They are dedicated to providing full service roofing needs and guarantee that every project is up to the homeowner’s satisfaction. For those who are unfamiliar with roofing materials can be rest assured that the CR Thompson roofing professionals will recommend the most appropriate roofing material for one’s home. They strive to go above and beyond any other roofing services, allowing homeowners to trust them with their roofing requirements.

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