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C.R. Thompson Roofing Offers Emergency Roofing Services This Hurricane Season


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2017 -- In anticipation of hurricane season, roofing contractors in Bucks County PA like C.R. Thompson Roofing are providing emergency roofing services for homeowners in the area. Hurricane season, which is anticipated to run through the middle of November this year, can cause large amounts of damage to Pennsylvania homes, leaving residents in need of emergency roof repair in Philadelphia.

A number of strong hurricanes have been tracked in the Caribbean so far this season, and weather experts anticipate that more tropical storms will continue to make their way up the East Coast of the United States. With winds reaching up to 150 miles per hour, one of the most common causes of roofing damage is related to insecure shingles, which can be taken clean off the home if they are old or loose enough.

Holes in the roof can leave the interior of the home vulnerable to additional weather damage, as many hurricanes also come along with rain and thunderstorms that can lead to additional structural problems in the roof of the home. There have even been recorded cases of homes being struck by uprooted trees and electrical poles during severe winds.

Emergency roofing repairs can minimize the long-term environmental damage following exposure after a hurricane. Everyone in need of emergency roof repair in the Philadelphia or Bucks County area is encouraged to contact C.R. Thompson Roofing by calling 215-375-7904 Residents are advised to keep this number saved, as emergencies can happen anytime. To learn more about C.R. Thompson Roofing, please visit

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