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Crack Monsters Documentary Exposes Life on Crack

Film Shows Harsh Life For Addicts in Louisiana Drug Trade


Lafayette, LA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2013 -- A powerful new documentary is coming in September 2013, from an award winning filmmaker, which will be released nationwide, to call attention to the Crack Cocaine drug epidemic in Louisiana.

The film Crack Monsters (http://www.Crackmonsters.com), which is directed by Akeem The Dream, is a documentary about people who feel the need to smoke Crack Cocaine.

Many are addicted from first time use. Some users never break free from the habit and stay addicted for life.

The director is looking forward to raise the awareness of the problem of drug addiction by highlighting the addicts in his community. “I would like to help these addicts, especially the ones who participated in the film Crack Monsters to have the opportunity to see detox and rehab,” Akeem stated.

This documentary takes a look at the Crack epidemic from a different angle by documenting Crack users lives, from the tragic to the hilarious."You will laugh and cry when you watch CRACK MONSTERS," stated Akeem

According to the National Drug Intelligence Center, Crack Cocaine is the drug most associated with violent crime throughout Louisiana. It’s highways 10 and 20 are an important mesh in intrastate transfer of the drug from the Houston, TX area to other parts of the United States.

The film will be released September 1, 2013 online through the worldwide internet. It can be watched at www.Crackmonsters.com. The film will, also, be released on DVD in Lafayette, Louisiana. Other distribution channels will be named at a later date.


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