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Craft Beer Magazine Is Covering the Revolution of American Craft Beer


Vestfold, Norway -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2013 -- Craft Beer Magazine is there to cover everything about craft beer. Craft beer is beer brewed by master brewers in independent breweries using traditional techniques and quality ingredients. Unlike mass-produced beer brewed by large corporations, craft beer is unique and exciting in its craftsmanship and in its complex flavors. From a country that was once known for boring and bland beer has come a quite revolution of quality craft beers.

One of the highlights that is truly enjoyed by the readers of Craft Beer Magazine is what has been called the “ultimate” of craft Beer Reviews . Craft Beer Magazine will guide readers through the individual characteristics of different selections of beers each month.

Recipes and Pairing Suggestions
Looking for other ways to enjoy and support craft brews? Craft Beer Magazine features interesting and unique recipes using and celebrating craft beer. Also featured are pairing suggestions that will add to the complexities of craft beer and expand the readers knowledge of beer tasting.

Fun Facts and History
When was beer first brewed? How much beer does America really drink? Craft Beer Magazine is full of facts and history about craft beer and breweries. Readers will be well entertained and informed about the world of beer and the growing, revolutionary movement of the craft brewing world.

Industry News
Be the first to know what is happing in the world of craft beer. News about favorite and new breweries and the additions of new selections are topics that are of interest to the fans of craft beer. Craft Beer Magazine Readers will enjoy being informed on the latest happenings within the industry.

Quality and Accurate Information
Craft Beer Magazine is truly the right place for quality information. Readers can trust that they are reading the best, most straightforward and accurate information about American craft beers, breweries and all things related to craft beer

Issues and Subscriptions
Craft Beer Magazine is available in monthly issues through the iTunes store. Each issue is packed with inspiring content and beautiful color images. Individual issues and subscriptions can be purchased online and are perfect for viewing on your iPad. A single issue is $2.99 and subscriptions are $1.99 per month and will be renewed monthly until canceled. Issues, subscriptions and cancellations are managed through the readers iTunes account settings.

About Craft Beer Magazine
Craft Beer Magazine is full of everything one would want to know about this exciting chapter in the history of beer. Each issue is filled with the best quality information available about the craft beer world.

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