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Craftster Sewing Kits Provide Essential Sewing Supplies for Professionals and Beginners

Sewing Projects At Home And On The Road Are A Breeze With The Craftster Sewing Kit


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2013 -- Just a few years ago, many homes owned a basic sewing kit and a generation of women and some men grew up learning how to sew. In more recent times, these skills have been lost or left behind for a culture that seems to prefer shopping over craft.

The Craftser Sewing Kit has been created to offer a compact sewing kit to tackle sewing repairs at home and on the road. It enables both beginners and professionals to complete any small sewing projects or alterations with ease. All of the sewing supplies required are contained in a compact case the size of a purse. This handy sewing kit contains: scissors, a seam ripper, a measuring tape, 10 needles, multiple spools of thread, a thimble, easy needle threaders, pins and spare shirt buttons.

Diane Rewva of Handcrafted Goods developed the Craftster Sewing Kit to provide a solution for those seeking a basic and affordable sewing kit.

"There's been a huge interest in sewing skills in recent years. Our sewing kits are designed to support that trend. They are the ideal companion for sewing repairs at home and for travel."

It takes time to assemble the best sewing supplies and to find a suitable place to store and carry the best sewing accessories. Shoppers can now benefit from this compact, pre-assembled sewing kit in a sturdy case that securely holds all of the necessary sewing supplies at the ready.

The Craftster Sewing Kit in now available and on Sale for a limited time at Amazon.

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Craftster Sewing Kits offer creative solutions for creative and crafty people. Our sewing kits are compact, colorful and practical companions for home, travel and emergency use.

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