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Craftster Sewing Kits Sold out Twice at Amazon - Now Back in Stock

After Several Online Sell Outs Of The Craftster Mini Sewing Kit Shoppers Can Now Purchase the Sewing Kit Again At Amazon


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2013 -- It appears that there's a healthy resurgence in home crafts and sewing activities. After several complete sellouts at Amazon the Craftster Sewing Kit is now back in stock.

"We've never seen anything like it", say Drew Waters, Brand Manager for Handcrafted Goods, the manufacturer of the mini sewing kit for home and travel. "Our sewing kit is one of those items everyone needs for a quick fix or repair at home or on the road. We've doubled our efforts to make sure this doesn't happen again."

In the not so distant past, every home had a basic sewing kit available for quick fixes or sewing repairs. Although the art and craft of sewing has become less central in our active lives, sometimes the necessity of a quick mending job requires a handy sewing kit on hand.

The Craftster Home and Travel Sewing Kit is made to be the perfect sewing kit for home, emergency and travel use. Enclosed in a classy CD size case with a zipper closure, the sewing kit includes all the sewing supplies you'll ever need for small-scale sewing repair projects including: 10 needles of varying sizes, 3 shirt buttons, 2 easy needle threaders, bobby pins, safety pin, scissors, measuring tape, thimble and 12 spools of cotton thread in various colors.

Whether at home or en route, a pocket-sized sewing repair job like replacing a missing button, fixing a loose seam or mending a small hole becomes effortless with this Home and Travel Sewing kit. The sewing kit makes the perfect handy companion for campers, backpackers and travelers. Is your child discovering how to to sew? A basic sewing kit with all the essentials would be a great way to begin.

Having a home emergency sewing kit is one way that you can be prepared for any situation. Preppers and Survivalists will also benefit from this compact kit that can be conveniently stored, packed and ready to go when the need calls.

You will never be caught unprepared again with this handy kit. The Craftster Home and a Travel Sewing Kit is now readily available at Amazon.com: