Craps 101 Now in an eBook


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2013 -- Casino games are probably the most popular because of the money earning potential they carry. As the outcome is so heavily dependent on luck, it is a gamble that many people are willing to take. The game of craps which involves using the dice to set bets is an exciting game. It is simple, thrilling and fun to play. That said it is a game that has a serious strategy to it. For those who play regularly at casinos, may have come across this strategy but, for those who are new at the game but want to make an impressive beginning, craps pro Richard Lee has something unique to offer.

Richard has been in the field for a good number of years now. He can easily be proclaimed the guru of the game. Not only does he enjoy playing the game of craps professionally but, he also likes teaching the tricks of the trade to his fellow players. In this pursuit, Richard has come up with craps strategy book which contains secrets on how to excel at the game the professional way. If one were to find the same through any other source, they would have to confront a great deal of disappointment because most of what is claimed yielding is in general a marketing gig.

Richard has the real deal and he says so because all the tips that have been discussed in his book have been applied in real life and tested by Richard himself. His book primarily focuses on how to win in the casinos playing craps game. It also discusses various strategies that can help players get an instant edge over their competitors in playing. which is the official website of Richard has some cool tips on craps strategies which are free and for everyone to try.

The website has a great deal of information about everything concerning the game. It also has a section where new visitors as well as old ones can get professional tips on how to play the game like an expert. A downloadable version of Richard’s experience and suggestions is also now available in the form of an eBook. Richard has done more than just create strategies; he continues to be in the constant search for new ways to excel at the game of craps. To know more log onto

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