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London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2020 -- CRASPIRE is pleased to present the newest range of wax seal stamps for customers this holiday season. No matter how advanced the technology might get and no matter how fast an instant message works, there is something special about handwritten messages. And thankfully, a lot of people value the significance of handwritten letters, invitations or messages. CRASPIRE was started to honor that significance that people still hold dear. A few decades ago people used to wait for the postmen to come with letters from their near and dear ones. And once they arrived, people could recognize whom the letter came from with the unique wax sealed stamp.

Today, these wax sealed stamps are used for decorative purposes. Nevertheless, the purpose is fulfilled as they take people back to a nostalgic era of handwritten letters and invitations. CRASPIRE's wax seal stamps are made up of high quality materials and are available in a lot of prints such as animals, plants, travel, geometric shapes, characters, nature, music, science and so on. The store also offers metal sealed stamps in classic and vintage designs. The handles are made up of metal brass which are easy to change and install. Removable seal heads are made up of brass. They are smooth, shiny, non-sticky and easy to clean. And the final result is a flawlessly beautiful imprint.

The CRASPIRE sealing stamps are widely used as embellishments, for paper envelope decoration, invitations, perfume bottles, gift packs, wine packaging, gift baskets, greeting cards, scrapbooks, and any other handmade craft. For those who want to make those birthday invitations unique and personalized, these wax seal stamps will do the perfect trick. Customize the Christmas presents with a bespoke sealed stamp with a quirky pattern or design. The store also features wax seal sets such as the CRASPIRE wax seal stamps with mixed color wax beads or the animal theme or sealing wax sticks.

The store also features a wide range of DIY paper craft supplies ranging from cords, envelopes, tapes, cards, etc. The original and popular selection of CRASPIRE wax seal stamps in attractive designs are engraved and are waiting to be shipped. The products featured here also make meaningful, beautiful and magical gifts for those creative individuals in the family. One can finish their own wax seal stamp in just 4 easy steps. The store offers the perfect tools to complete a custom invitation in just a few minutes. Customers can avail international shipping to over 30 countries from around the world. CRASPIRE also provides custom stamps and customers can simply contact the team with a pattern of choice and they will be happy to help.

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CRASPIRE is an online store that offers exclusive wax seal stamps, wax seal sets and DIY paper craft supplies. The store also offers envelopes, tapes and cards. Sealing waxes and cords are featured in the tools & supplies category. Customers can avail free shipping on orders over $50.

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