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Crazy Hands Offers a Collection of Handmade Master Classes


Charleston, WV -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/01/2016 -- Handmade items have become extremely popular these days. This is because they are unique, personalized and outstanding. They are used both as gifts for close people and special things that can give a super look to any house or office. For those people, who are looking for the first class handmade master classes, Crazy Hands has prepared a special offer – a website which contains lots of interesting tutorials.

Crazy Hands is an online-based project, the main idea of which is to share the ideas and individual handmade master classes with those users, who are interested in the topic. "The idea to create such a website is not new, but it really differs from all those projects available on the web these days. The author of all the tutorials published here is a young and very talented girl, Ann, who wants to share her ideas and skills with like-minded people. Hopefully, these tutorials will help you reveal your fantasy and create unique items that will make your home comfortable and cozy", - say the developers of the website.

The website is subdivided into the following sections: Homepage, Knit and Crochet Ideas, Handmade, Guest Gallery, Recent News, Popular Items, Shop etc. These categories are meant to simplify the search for the users, who have specific interests, hobbies and preferences. Each section contains step-by-step tutorials and photos, which make it easier for a user to create the chosen item. This is very convenient for the beginners, who are not aware of the basics of the process yet, but really wish to learn them.

Apart from the useful tutorials, the website also contains the online-shop, where the author of the project offers some of her brilliant works for sale. These things will become superb gifts for close people and perfect decorations for any house or apartment.

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About Crazy Hands
Crazy Hands is a website which was created with the only purpose – to provide people with useful and interesting step-by-step tutorials on how to create unique handmade items. The site contains numerous master classes and is subdivided into several sections based on the type of the items created. Apart from that, there is also an online shop, where everyone can order and buy personalized handmade things designed and crafted by the author of the site.

Contact Info:
Address: 800 Lee Street East, Charleston, 25301 West Virginia, USA
Tel.: 304-343-5601