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Crazy Jungle Ride Game Released on the Apple iTunes Store

The exciting new game Crazy Jungle Ride has been released to an enthusiastic reception on the Apple iTunes store setting a new bar for iPhone and iPad fun.


Eindhoven, North Brabant, Netherlands -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/05/2014 -- The title of most fun game on OS 4.3 and later devices, like the iPhone and iPad, has a new contender thanks to game designer and marketer Fouad Tolaib, who recently released his innovative Crazy Jungle Ride.

Crazy Jungle Ride is an innovative and imaginative take on the always popular racing style game. Populated by wildly designed cartoon animals piloting shopping carts at a breakneck speed while trying to escape a mysterious monster, Crazy Jungle Ride is packed with classic cartoon fun.

The game play is extremely addictive, offering the challenge of learning various tricks like board grabs, nose grabs, tail grabs and rocket grabs while being entertained by the creative graphics. Many gamers point to the soundtrack as being an added bonus. Not humming along to it is next to impossible!

With more games planned for the App store in the near future Fouad Tolaib seems poised to make a high profile name for himself as he builds on the success of Crazy Jungle Ride. Comments and reviews from gamers have been overwhelmingly enthusiastic.

John Davis, a gamer from New York said, “I pick up a lot of games from the App store and sometimes they don't excite as much as I thought they would. I can't stop playing Crazy Jungle Ride. The bad thing is my little brother has tried it and now keeps wanting my iPad to play too. He needs his own copy bad! Thanks for making such a fun game.”

Elaine Gold commented, “I liked that I could get started playing Crazy Jungle Ride right away, but it's taken me time to get really good at it. Unlocking different animals is really fun and the graphics always have me smiling and laughing. I race my friends all the time and I can't wait until I get even better and can beat them more. I hope this turns into a series! Crazy Jungle Ride is my favorite new game on my iPhone.”

Crazy Jungle Ride can be enjoyed both as a single player game and in a multi-player mode that allows gamers to race one another. A key feature that's won the game credit for its innovation and fun game play is the ability for players to view each others progress as they race in real time against each other. This adds an exciting dimension many other app based racing games lack.

Crazy Jungle Ride can be downloaded at the iTunes App store for free. “Additional features and upgrades to Crazy Jungle Ride are being added based on player feedback.” according to Fouad Tolaib.

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