Creatables Presents a Platform to Facilitate Creativity, Design, Invention and Funding

Creatables is an online platform that facilitates creativity and invention by supporting design, development, funding and marketing need. It is run by a team of invention-enthusiastic people.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2014 -- Innovation and creativity needs a platform to flourish and Creatables offers exactly that to all great thinkers throughout the World. Human mind is made to think and it can be ascertained whose mind a great idea will strike. People see numerous other people daily as they go by their regular activities. It is hard to say who is just another layman and who appears another one in the crowd but has creative project ideas that need support to transform into an appreciable invention of tomorrow. Only passionate inventors understand and appreciate the importance invention, which is why Creatables has been put up on the web.

This is the age of the Internet and networking. Even businesses that traditionally ran only physical outlets have started websites and/or entered into ecommerce. There are several businesses that have only online existence and are running successfully. In other words, authenticity and legitimacy is verified from the service provided by the company and not from the existence of physical shop. Since the motive of Creatables is to support as many people with cool projects as possible, it also exists totally online. There are numerous innovative projects, cool products, inspirational idea, etc. posted at the website. The number of innovative projects alone testifies the kind of support Creatables can provide to creative people.

Creatables is unlike most others crowdfunding sites as it provides extended support to help inventors in any stage of progress. The services of Creatables include refinement or validation of idea by experts in the group or those who have joined it. From raw idea to online posting of the finished product, the platform ‘for the curious’ offers considerable support at each level of progress. It is a community of enthusiasts who appreciate uniqueness and eagerly offer help in any issue relevant to their talent and skill-set such as brainstorming, designing, funding and development. It hosts cool projects in pre-launch or post launch stages. Several projects that need help or have been finished with the help of Creatables can be found at the website. They are categorised according to their design, technology, concept and the audience to which they cater.

The forum adopts a simple way to interact with the creative community. People with great ideas or those who are stuck at any level of progress towards cool inventions, can email their concern in detail and with details to Creatables or use the online form for the same. If it is creative, innovative, fascinating, and inspirational or compels others to think, it certainly will be assisted by the community.

About Creatables
Creatables is an online forum that provides support to creative invention projects at any stage of to progress. It is run by a team of enthusiasts who look for creativity and support all such projects that meet their criteria.

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