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Lakewood, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2016 -- One of the major causes of irreversible blindness in the world, Glaucoma is a disease that is generally associated with elevated intraocular pressure, in which damage to the eye (optic) nerve can lead to loss of vision and even permanent blindness. The increased pressure in the eyes damages the delicate nerve fibers of the optic nerve. Glaucoma often shows no symptom until it is too late and vision loss has already begun. To raise awareness among people about glaucoma, is now providing glaucoma awareness bracelets at the most competitive prices. The company offers these bracelets with black engraving that helps the medical staff in reading the information correctly, in times of an emergency. is a well-reputed name in the industry for providing an array of medical bracelets at the market's best prices. Besides glaucoma awareness bracelets, the other bracelets that the company offers includes Arthritis, Asthma, Cancer, Epilepsy, Food Allergy, Hypertension, Lung Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis and many others. These medical bracelets help the patients in saving their hospital bills by eliminating unneeded trips to hospital, speeding up medical treatment, and allowing doctors to diagnose them correctly while reducing chances of errors or misdiagnosis. In times of an emergency, these medical bracelets help the doctors and paramedics to identify the patient's medical condition and provide them the correct treatment in time.

Talking more about the glaucoma awareness bracelets, one of the representatives of the company stated, "Glaucoma is a complicated disease that has caused many people to lose their vision over the years. If you or someone you love struggles with this disease, one of the best things you can do is wear an item from the glaucoma awareness jewelry collection. Wearing the jewelry item serves as a reminder that you always have something to fight for and encourages you to talk to people about this condition. You can choose a piece of glaucoma awareness jewelry that has a simple green ribbon prominently displayed on the surface or you can have a personal message inscribed on it."

My Identity Doctor specializes in engraved medical jewelry like custom medical bracelets and medical ID necklaces for both men and women. They know that easy to read, black engraving is most important for your safety. By wearing a medical ID tag, you are ensuring prompt and accurate medical attention. Paramedics and medical doctors are trained to be aware of medical ID tags and their existence ensures that you will be treated immediately with no risk of error or a misdiagnosis. offers extremely resistant engraved medical jewelry for men, women and children that holds up to everyday wear and tear.

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