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Rosemead, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/30/2013 -- MoreForum is pleased to offer its members the next generation forum software which is the best so far and is offered for free of cost. Members can set up their own online forums within minutes. They need not have any prior technical knowledge or expertise in order to create these forums. It is a user friendly interface which will allow members to create free forum within no time. These are not just any forums but forums with excellent features. These forums are easy to set up wherein members can also administer and customize their forums.

These forums can also earn revenue for the members wherein they can publish their own ads and earn money. There are no limits whatsoever on the bandwidth usage. These forums are also mobile compatible wherein the forum services are supported through a mobile app in various iPhones, Androids and Smart Phones. Members can connect with each other wherever they go. They can also create as many categories as they want, invite as many members as they need, create boards, topics, posts and many more. Members can be as buys as they can with these forums.

Social integration is yet another powerful feature where members can login with their social media accounts and share information. Forums here have the best customization tools which makes them look even smarter. They are also YouTube embedded which means members can share their favorite YouTube clips and share them in their discussions and posts. Members can upload attachments such as music, documents, pictures, videos, etc. and make the forums more interactive. No software installation, no downloads and no set ups because it is all remote hosting. With 24/7 support, members need not worry about technical details but can concentrate on developing their forums.

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MoreForum, based at Rosemead, California is a professional grade software package that allows users to set up their own online forums for free within minutes. The program is written in the most popular language i.e. Java which uses the MySQL Database. Members have to go through a simple sign up process by completing and submitting the form on the site.

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