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James Murphy's New Website Offers Valuable Information to Create Landing Pages


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/20/2014 -- The new James Murphy’s site offers customers to create landing page for their websites. Since the landing page is the most important part of the website, its success will depend on its design and set up. All website owners would like to get landing pages that are highly converted, so they draw in a lot of visitors on a daily basis. So the true magic begins from the landing Page.

Landing pages or squeeze pages, as they are also known, have a specific design. Their main feature is the headline that should grab people’s attention at once, so they decide to stay on the site and start reading the content. One trick that many website owners use is to use the headline to promise visitors a free gift in return to their email.

The second most important part of this page is the call to take an action. This call consists of a few sentences that urge the newcomer to take some kind of action, for example to write their contact info in the provided form.

The Autoresponder form is the third important and required part to create squeeze page. The visitors who enter their contact details in this form are automatically added into the list of the owner and then future promotions and newsletters are sent to the email addresses provided.
Other essential parts of the landing page may include bullet-points and other special features that can attract the first sight of the visitor.

There are two types of landing pages:
- Lead Generation: The first type is specially designed to capture the data of the user, such as email and name. This page has the only purpose to collect the required info, so the owner can market their products or services by contacting with the prospect. Basically, the lead generation page contains a form and a content describing what the visitors will get when submitting their personal data. This type of page can be used for multiple purposes, such as whitepapers and Ebooks, consultation for certain kind of professional assistance, webinar registration, contest entries, discount coupons, gifts, free trials, etc.

- Click Through: Click Through landing pages have a bit different purpose. Their goal is to persuade visitors to click and to visit another page. It is used in ecommerce websites that describe particular products or offers in order to make the visitor to make a decision to purchase them.

These are the main landing page types that are useful for particular purposes based on the client’s needs. If people would like to have their own attractive and effective lading page, James Murphy’s site is the right place to visit.

All, who would like to get more info about the services offered by James Murphy, can visit the following website http://james-murphy.com/Easily%20Create%20Landing%20Pages.html.

About James Murphy
James Murphy (http://james-murphy.com) is an experienced web designer, based in the UK. He offers to the customers exceptional services that will meet their needs, making their websites complete with appropriate landing pages.