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Create My Avatar Generator Updates New Funny Cartoon Faces


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2013 -- Popular avatar generator 'Create My Avatar' has recently updated its application to include more funny face combinations. The Flash avatar maker has gained popularity in recent years on forums, social networks and other online profiles where people like to display cartoon type avatars.

The simple yet effective avatar generator app lets users create smooth looking cartoon avatars of either yourself, friends and or family. With a simple to use customization interface people use the website to create an avatar which looks eye catching and unique. With thousands of combinations a unique design can be tailored to ones requirements.

The new updates include more wacky, unusual and funny featured which come in the form of bizarre eye and mouth combinations to form a totally freaky look. It seems the demand to create such avatars became apparent after users of the website recently posted requests on Create My Avatar's Facebook fan page of over 4K Likes.

Create My Avatar has been popular over the years and their unique designs can be seen often around the web. Users generally like to create avatars for online profiles used instead of real photos. However there has been a recent influx for users to want to create funny looking designs. In a similar way peoples interest in 'cartooning themselves' has also grown.

Avatars have become an integral part of the online world today, with many contributing factors the word has rocketed into every day life, compared to say ten years ago, where it was much less common. One big factor which has brought more recognition to Avatars is the huge awareness of the film, however the increased use of social networks has also boosted the popularity of these cartoon designs.