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Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2014 -- aims to deliver the most comprehensive information on the uses and benefits of the sports supplement Creatine. Covering everything that amateur and professional sports persons need to know about Creatine, the website also provides reviews of the best Creatine products available in 2014.

Creatine Hub is delighted to announce its launch as

The brainchild of creatine expert Samantha Rice, the hub is intended to be a comprehensive resource and review site covering all apsects of creatine.

The benefits of Creatine were discovered in the middle of the 19th century. Skeletal muscles use Creatine as an energy source – it is a naturally occurring substance found in vertebrates. Creatine supplements became popular in the mid 1990s as a means to increase high-intensity athletic performance. will cover all aspects of creatine, including what it is and how to use it, as well as the pros and cons of its use. It will showcase the best creatine brands available on the market, and analyse the results that Creatine can produce to give its visitors a fabulous overview. The best creatine supplements on the market will be available to review through the site, and visitors will be encouraged to share their creatine experiences and their recommendations for the best creatine products.

The site was launched after seeing so much poor quality information about Creatine supplements on the internet. “I was amazed when I started researching that there wasn’t already a resource to help with the use of creatine”, says Sam, 36. “I am delighted that months of research and development have culminated in the launch of and look forward to its growth throughout 2014”.

For more information on the website and on creatine itself please contact Sam via email on

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